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Terms / Conditions

Terms and conditions Stefans Wine Paradise, Kollmar GmbH, following named as seller

1. Terms and conditions as part of contract

The following terms and conditions are included in every contract with the seller. They are compulsory for the current contract as well further contracts, even if not reiterated.

Contradictory terms and conditions or differing counter statements from the purchaser are not binding for the seller, even if the seller does not explicitly contradict them. To be legally effective, the terms and conditions need to be confirmed in writing from the seller.

2. Conclusion/Minimum Age

The seller is offering his products in particular through the internet in this own online shop.

The customer's order can be made alternatively by phone, email, fax or post.  A contract exists first with receipt of the order by the seller, or by sale of the goods in the seller's local store in St. Goar, or at another sales point, such as private tastings. Acceptance of the contract is either appriate notice to the customer, or delivery of the product, always in consideration of the terms and conditions.

Prerequisite for a valid contract is that the customer agrees to be an adult 21 years or older, and accept that the package will be received in the hands of a legal aged adult. When you are ordering from Stefans Wine Paradise, ownership of the product passes to the purchaser as soon as it leaves the seller's shipping facility.

On order through the online shop includes several steps. First choose the products you would like to order.  Afterwards, fill in the specific customer information, billing address and (if different) the delivery address. Then choose the payment option.  In the last step, exercise the option to review all the information and make corrections. Once you click on "Kostenpflichtig bestellen" (chargeable order), the order goes to the seller and is considered a legal contract.

3. Return Policy

Products purchased directly in the shops in St. Goar, or at other sales events & locations, are not returnable.

If ordered online or by phone, fax, post or email, the purchaser can return the products within 14 days of delivery.  Written communication with the seller is required to notify a return is in progress, just send an immediate email.  The returned products must go directly to the seller. All outgoing mail expense and risk is taken by the seller as long as the product price is over 40 Euros. The package is fully injured against breakage.  The return costs will be born by the seller, as long the product price is over 40 €. Products costing under 40 Euros are returned at the cost of the purchaser.

Return of the product(s) must take place within 14 days. This deadline begins with receipt of the product by the customer. Notice of the return should be made in writing to the seller.  With cancellation of the contract by return of the product, all contract stipulations are also rescinded. All derived benefits to the customer are also cancelled.

Any damage or misuse of the product (change in packaging, or breakage, etc.) will change the amount of the refund, as compensation can be required.  This is not applicable when the damage should have been evident - as in a store purchase - at the time of shipping.  In other respects, the customer may avoid compensation obligations as long as he/she does not use the product or interfere with its sale value.

4. Transfer of risk/Cost of shipment

The insurance for shipment of the ordered goods is carried by the seller. Costs of the shipment are carried by the customer unless and until those costs reach a level agreed by the seller for the goods to be delivered or are otherwise agreed to in writing

5. Retention of title

Products delivered by the seller remain property of the seller, even after delivery, until full payment has been made by the customer.
Payment accepted: Credit Card or Pay Pal

6. Warranty/liabilities

The warranty is applicable under German law, that our products are as represented. The buyer has to check the products directly after delivery. If there are any damages, the buyer has to send a detailed description regarding the damage.

Vintage Substitutions: In some cases, certain vintages (year) will sell out and be replaced by a newer vintage after your order is placed. If this should happen, your order will be placed on hold and you will be contacted by email about options.

7. Privacy and Policy Highlights

Stefans Wine Paradise sends you emails only if you sign up for them. None of your personal information will be shared with another company for any purpose. We hate spam.

If you create an online account with Stefans Wine Paradise, the information is stored on a secure server. This includes contact information, wish list and purchase history. We cannot store credit card information.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the seller:

8. Payment delay

In case of a delay in payment of 30 days or more, the seller is allowed to add 5% to your pending bill.

9. German Laws

In addition to the agreement between seller and buyer to the terms and conditions from Stefans Wine Paradise,  this sale falls under the application of German law.

10. Jurisdiction

In addition to the agreement between seller and buyer to the terms and conditions from Stefans Wine Paradise, this sale falls under the application of German law.